PR and Communication

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Be one step ahead in communication and protect your reputation.

With the use of the engagement circle, you can stay up to date with what others say about your personal account, business account, hashtag or multiple hashtags. Tackle problems quickly, take action and offer the right solutions to every situation.


Evaluate the sentiment of the conversation with our clickable cloud, find keywords and determine the sentiment of the conversation.

Mitigate Risk

When you click a word in our cloud you will be able to see who, why and when they use a specific word, this is extremely helpful as you can mitigate reputational risks faster.


Benefit with the flexibility of what our solution offers, search users/hashtags, make an emoji cloud and customize your cloud in different ways according to the audience you want to present it to.


Spread your conversation faster, find the right influencers and move your conversation in the right direction. Access your main influencer list and build your influencer Network.

Share & Export

Time is money, with our reporting tool you have your presentation ready in seconds, we make reporting easy and ready to use so you can focus on your social media strategy.

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